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Dream Come True

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  • It is through these under privileges that strives us to be more than the Average Joe’s and above the Affluent because we want to be remembered. Only one 'Exit’ will be the way out.
  • Judgment Day this Era will be an accord for the next one to make history or be the past with no present as the result of the future which is today. 'The Next Prophet' is here living, breathing, eating beyond this white paper to which I am writing and you are reading.
  • Every ten year is a lifetime gone by but the love imprisoned in your heart remains forever young. You are my savior and I am your apparition in a bottle, 'Like A Virgin' your wish is my domination—an infinite devotee transpose in your wits.

History in the making

Names are given to us even before we are born for identification and purpose. Just about everything we come across have a name and if it doesn't, we will give it a name. Some names are passed down the family lineage, others are known to start a new beginning. We strive to live up to our names and associate it with meaning, likewise to our creation. These female names are in poetic form and does not necessarily reflect the person who they are ... It's simply clever. "Acronym Poetry of 252 Names"

F&L "Friendship&Love"

Transforming life experiences into tales of empathic friendship and platonic love, this book consists of romantic narratives.

Poetry from the Heart : II

One of the new favorites by demand, "Twas A Day After Christmas" is a must read! It will change your view of the day after Christmas forever!

Acronym poetry of 252 names

With over two hundred fifty poems for dedications, this next masterpiece is history in the making and may not come along for another millennium.
Akane at 5 yr
w/Love 4 ever
Akane at 25 yr
Love you
Miss you

Featured best

I strive to be novel in every piece of motivated work that is in the making or out-of-the-closet to present to the community, entertainment for an educational cause.


So I made my new lover stars and placed it in heart shaped crystal jars. "Poetry from the Heart : Chapter II"


A friendship bracelet can symbolize a rose. It takes time and patience to make everyone knows. "F&L Friendship&Love"

Pursue a purpose

" The love for many outweighs the love for one. When it comes to the love, there could only be one. " __dannykaplansky

Creative Writing

" Be wit yourself with tomes of knowledge and salvation. "

favorite quote

" Live a legend or become a legacy, we are watching you. "

The three musketeers

These are my origins to which have created a path for me to follow in hopes to lead another generation of inspired novelists thriving into the next hundred years.
Author's Journal
" We are Authors Published or unPublished. "

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