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I met Sidno on a Wednesday Night Jazz Jam at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City and was greatly intrigued by his vocal stlye. He was tall, maybe 5'11". I don't remember the pants he wore if they were baggy jeans, I do recall he had a jacket, a beanie and a beard; just like the one from the video below to the right. At first I thought he was inventing his own unique vocal style but the style he was vocalizing was definitely unique, even the live band had a hard time keeping up with him. I found it very entertaining. Although I wasn't a music professional, I knew his technique was archaic. Sidno wasn't just vocalizing the song, he was telling us a story. There's not too many Bebop Jazz enthusiasts among amateurs and professionals who would find bebop entertaining. It's a long forgotten style that has been cryostasis with Sidno, only he could show you how it's done.

Sidno came to California from out of state to pursue music leaving his family and friends behind. An expedition today is incomparison to an expedition over 100 years ago; there's a point of no return. I didn't questioned him too much about his personal life as I already knew something was troubling him. I did wanted to know how he was able to support himself without private transportation. Public transit routes will most likely take him to the end of the show and yet he was able to manage. At last, his chronic expedition stricken him ill.


The Vegan of Maven Jazz, Sidno had a strict organic diet and would not eat anything that was not labeled "Organic." When I had met him for the first time, he was diagnosed with severe levels of pneumonia and had only days to live. Doctors were amazed how he could've survived for weeks. I believed it was his passion for bebop that had kept him alive for so long. When he sang, it was like he doesn't even know he was gravely sick. He knew by singing, would only prolonge the illness. Eventually, it will overcome him.

Like him, I too was on an expedition, to find my talents and a friend like Sidno. We shared the same interests, the same passions, the same journey. Despite our similarities, we had our differences. He was the opposite of healthy. He tried not to show any signs of weakness to the audience. Then it became clear that I was his gaurdian angel for once a lifetime.


Sidno stayed at my house for a few weeks to train him back to a normal diet. He had phobias of taking showers and vomitting non-organic consumptions. This was not looking good. I began to fund his expensive Vegan diet. An estimate of $700/m on organic food would in hopes keep him alive, longer. With my current living expenses and budget, I could only cover a third of it. I asked him, "If this apple whether or not it's labeled organic could save your life will you eat it?" He says, "No." Sidno was not only sick but stubborn. My anxiety, that I will lose a friend, grew into hatred. I stopped funding his organic diet and kept him away from contact for months. When I had decided to know his whereabouts, he had passed away. I blamed myself for not being able to help him more. I'm sorry that it took me eight years to tell this story. You are missed Sidno, my friend. Rest in peace. Perhaps we will meet again in our afterlife.

posted 03/02/16

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