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This is a private event, invitation only, sponsored by one of the largest financial institution in the Americas. Spaces and refreshments are limited. No outside drink/food permitted to be carried in with you. I suggest having breakfast before you arrive. Security is strictly enforced. Danny Kaplansky will be the DJ, mixing your favorite beats. I will be setting up at 8AM, might take me 30 minutes. Confirmed reservations may show up early between 8AM-9AM and mingle. VIP Reservations: Twitter Followers may send me a tweet, Facebook Friends may join calendar of events or post a comment to get an invite, and My Contacts may simply text. Only Instagram Followers will see the fabulous pictures. Reservations are not guaranteed. Subject to availability on a first come first serve basis. My sincerest apologies if everyone cannot be accommodated. 

Date: Wednesday August 10, 2016 | Location: Monterey Park, CA | Time: 9AM-1PM

posted 07/22/16

And celebrate our birthdays together!